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Mastering Kingdom Administration

Are you an administrator? Whether in the market place or within a church environment, this four-day event will equip, inspire and encourage you to understand the gift of administration - your gift! - in all its glory…
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Remembrance Sunday

We will remember all those who have given their lives in the fight for peace and freedom this morning…
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Christmas Day Celebration

Join us on Christmas Day for a celebration of the birth of Jesus. This short service is ideal for friends and family, including…
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When Claire visited the New Life healing room evening with two injuries, she began a journey towards freedom from pain.

I was suffering from two injuries when I visited the healing room: bursitis on my left elbow and a swollen left knee.

I’d had the burser for several weeks. It had come up while camping as a result of sleeping on a camping mat. My osteopath had done his best but it wouldn't go away, and as there appeared to be a lumpy bit on the bone which would possibly cause it to reoccur I decided to say no to the doctor draining it.

The knee was more recent although the result of aggravating ligament damage done over 20 years ago in a cycling accident. It was very swollen, walking was uncomfortable, and being on my feet all day at work caused it to swell. The pain made me feel quite sick. There was no way I could kneel down or stretch my quads. I couldn't dance in worship for fear of making it worse.

The first time I went to the healing rooms, I didn't really experience anything while I was there, but they told me to come back if it wasn't any better next time. However, by the time I returned two weeks later my elbow was better! Amazingly, I’d had no further treatment on the elbow at all and to this day it has not swelled again in spite of doing lots of things that could have caused it to.

I received prayer for my knee, which had now developed very painful tendonitis in my knee as well as being swollen. The pain definitely decreased during this visit. By the third visit the tendonitis was gone! To be honest I had forgotten I had had it! I could bend my knee a bit more but still not kneel. Someone brought a word of knowledge that I wanted to run again and that I was to run around the room. So we all ran around the room, which made us all laugh if nothing else. That was the first time I had run on my knee since it started swelling. After the running I could kneel half way.

On the fourth visit I told the prayer team that osteopath could see I was making good progress - 'knees are very difficult to heal. They take a long time.' However, it was still swelling up, although not so much and the swelling went down quicker. Again, I didn’t notice much happen at the time, but two weeks later - when I could have gone to the healing rooms again - it was so much better I didn’t feel I didn’t more prayer.

However, with a holiday coming up, I really wanted complete healing, so back I went. A word of knowledge came saying that God was going to honour me in some way for my persistence. I testified that my knee was virtually fine now. Healing had come over time. I went on holiday and walked a very long way in the heat. And praise God my knee felt pretty normal. A couple of months ago I wouldn’t have thought that possible. It must be God!

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Sam didn’t believe in God, but the faith and courage of a friend revealed Him to her.

Coming to a point at which I was ready to be baptised as a Christian was completely unexpected. I always thought I would never believe in God, but in May 2012 I became a Christian.

During the past few years, I’ve been surrounded by people who were willing and able to answer my questions; who encouraged me; and who have given me some enthusiasm to know that life can be very different. We’ve all got pasts, we’ve all got histories and I got to a point in my life just before May where I started to ask a lot of questions. In particular I saw something in someone that just showed me there could be a different way to deal with my life –in a really significant way. I’ve dealt with a lot of pain, or I thought I dealt with a lot of pain and hurt in the past. And it took me years to get over certain issues.

Then I witnessed an incredible display of strength and courage and belief in my friend Andy, who through his own journey of pain and suffering showed me that I didn’t have to live the life I was leading: there was a different way to behave and to feel about things. At that moment, I was in awe of the strength and courage that man had and I said to myself ‘I need some of that, I want some of that’. So after hours of conversations and hours of deliberating, I offered myself to the Lord and said ‘Look here I am, I’m standing before you, I’m who I am, I can only ask you to accept me for who I am’.

I’ve had the privilege of being baptised in the Holy Spirit, and over the past three months I’ve been able to speak in tongues, and I know it was real. I’ve been prophesied over; I’ve been bowled over by the Holy Spirit. I know that was real. As a non-believer before, I used to doubt and I used to really believe that Christians were just putting on a show for my benefit. But then I actually felt it and believed it for myself, I now know it was real.

It was a very special day when I was baptised as a display of my obedience to God and my decision to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Mark 16 v14 ‘Those who believe and are baptised will be saved’. I believed and was baptised.

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Supported by the Catalyst network of churches, part of Newfrontiers

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