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All Sermons for August 2013

25th August 2013 | Donna Elliott Download Notes

Are all your eggs in your God basket

Summer selection | Part 8 | Romans (8)

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This morning Donna spoke about knowing and believing that God loves us. When we really know this truth it enables us to put our trust in Him, instead of worldly things that will inevitably let us down.

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18th August 2013 | Danny Conibere

A spiritual bucket list

Summer selection | Part 7 | Joshua (14)

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Danny challenges us to have a spiritual bucket list - a dream list of all the things that we would love to do with God. He then highlights five stumbling blocks to achieving our dreams and encourages to bless others through acts of random kindness.

Please note the sermon starts approximately 33 minutes into the sound file.

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11th August 2013 | Sue Watts and Maggie Goebel

Being child-like and hope

Summer selection | Part 6 | Various

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Sue Watts begins our morning teaching on the subject of being child-like, and how this can impact on our expectations and experience. She highlights some of the stumbling blocks to having a child-like faith.

Maggie Goebel then picks up the baton with the story of her own experience of trusting in who God is and what He says regardless of our circumstances. She reminds us that we are called to big dreams and encourages us to hold fast so disappointment does not rob us of our destiny.

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4th August 2013 | Dan Wright Download Notes

Faith in tough times

Summer selection | Part 5 | Job

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Dan leads us through the story of Job, and explains how we can learn from his example. Holding on to God in the tough times can be difficult, but it is always the best course of action.
The talk is followed by interviews with three people who have faced stressful circumstances and found faith in God has enabled them to walk through those times with hope and joy.

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