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All Sermons for December 2013

29th December 2013 | Richard Raja Download Notes

The Good Shepherd

Free choice | Part 0 | Psalms

Richard looks at the ways Jesus demonstrated that he was a good shepherd. What lessons can we learn from this to apply practically to our lives.

This is one of a series of short bite-sized sermons that we run occasionally. Just fifteen minutes long, so ideal for a tea break.

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29th December 2013 | Dan Wright Download Notes

The body of Christ

Free choice | Part 0 | 1 Corinthians (12)

Dan explores what it means to be part of the body of Christ and why he is just as happy to be a toenail as he is any other body part. Each of us has a role to play.

This is one of a series of short tea break sized sermons. So pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and enjoy

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16th December 2013 | Dan Piggott

Christmas Future

A Christmas Carol | Part 3 | Various

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This Sunday, Dan speaks on the topic of redemption, using clips from the movie A Christmas Carol to illustrate his points. We arrive finally at Christmas Future, a time when Scrooge is dead, buried and forgotten. As he awakes back in the present he vows to change his ways to avert such a bleak future.

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8th December 2013 | Sharon Clark Download Notes

Christmas Present

A Christmas Carol | Part 2 | Various

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As Scrooge meets with the ghost of Christmas Present, Sharon links the story to the cultural values that we aspire to: authenticity, courage, generosity, team-based, honouring, accepting. This Christmas, the challenge is to bless our friends and family as we hold-fast to these values.

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1st December 2013 | Tim Williams

Christmas Past

A Christmas Carol | Part 1 | Various

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In the first of our Christmas themed messages Tim sets the scene using Dickens famous story of A Christmas Carol. Using clips from the muppets version of the tale together with inspiration from the Bible he challenges us not to hold on to the past with grudges and unforgiveness. Instead, when we embrace the past and let go of the hurt we can face the present and the future with joyful hearts.

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