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31st May 2015 | Dan Piggott

Keeping on track

Free choice | Part 0 |

28th September 2014 | Dan Piggott

God is a Father to the Fatherless

Psalms 2014 | Part 4 | Psalms (68)

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We have Freedom in Christ Jesus

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25th May 2014 | Dan Piggott

The Believers Share their possessions

Acts | Part 5 | Acts (4)

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Dan continues with the Acts series with Acts Chapter 4  - The Believers Share their Possessions.
Acts of the Holy Spirit

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16th February 2014 | Dan Piggot

I am the good shepherd

The gospel of John | Part 5 | John (10)

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Dan explains why Jesus declared: "I am the good Shepherd". In the Middle East sheep follow the voice of the shepherd, an example we should follow with Jesus.

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16th December 2013 | Dan Piggott

Christmas Future

A Christmas Carol | Part 3 | Various

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This Sunday, Dan speaks on the topic of redemption, using clips from the movie A Christmas Carol to illustrate his points. We arrive finally at Christmas Future, a time when Scrooge is dead, buried and forgotten. As he awakes back in the present he vows to change his ways to avert such a bleak future.

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