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Jesus led by example when he was baptised by John. It is clear from the Bible that all who decided to follow Jesus should also follow Him through the waters of baptism…
The Ridgeway Centre



Celebration with baby dedication

This morning will be celebrating the gift of children with a child dedication as part of our meeting…
The Ridgway Centre




newday is a brilliant week-long event for young people of high school age. Contact the church office to find out how to book…


Jesus set the example of making disciples and also instructed his followers to do the same. We therefore set a very high priority on providing opportunities for discipleship.

What to expect

We believe we can all learn from one another, whether we are new followers of Jesus or have been Christians for a years. And discipleship can take many forms. It may be an agreement between two people to meet on a regular basis for a given period of time, or it might be something more fluid – a more mature Christian getting together for coffee with a younger one now and again.


If you are interested in meeting up with someone for a time of discipleship do let us know. Email the church office: office@newlifechurchmiltonkeynes.org

Supported by the Catalyst network of churches, part of Newfrontiers

Supported by the Catalyst network of churches, part of Newfrontiers

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